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. aljazeera has details of the u. n.. bashar al assad, and you are watching aljazeera live from doha. also ahead -- north and south step of the war of words, but the u.s. -- the indian top court refuses a patent for a cancer drug. and find out how farmland is bringing new immigrants to georgia. the british-based syrian observatory of human rights says march was the deadliest months in the two-year-old conflict with more than 6000 people killed. this is supposed to show the opposition destroying tanks. activists believe the actual death toll could be higher because both sides often under report fatality. aljazeera has learned that the united nations is considering sending in a peacekeeping force as one of the options if the syrian government falls. our diplomatic editor has this exclusive report. ofat the u.n., hundreds staff have been working on secret contingency plans. it is a project code-named syria, the day after. after more than two years of bloodshed, they are preparing for this decisive event, including a possible fall of bashar al assad, but, of course, no one knows what will happ
block a new u.n. create they to regular threat arms trade. why? well, we'll go live to teheran to find out why. the cripryian president tells his people economic turmoil has been contained. and -- i'm in the egyptian style? delta. find out of the why this area, once a football pitch is now ompletely submerged. north korea's leader has orders his army to prepare for a rocket attack on u.s. military bases in the pacific. it scuggetted he approved an order with his late night meeting with his generals. harry force et reports from seoul. >> in the center of pyongyang thousands turned out in a show shouted to him and death to the u.s. imperialists. pyongyang signed off on his long range missiles to attack the mainland and bases in the pacific. in statements attributed to him he said the time has come to settle klts with the u.s. imperialists adding the u.s. hostilities have entered the phase of threats and blackmail and the late-night meeting was seeing the b 2 stealth bombers the blufrpbltest of figures against pyongyang and the u.n. sent an order that his rockets and were on the highest s
of a consensus. let's go straight to our diplomatic editor who is at the u.n. h.q. with the latest developments. what's happening? >> well, there is no consensus and there is no treaty. for today anyway. and that's because when they opened it up to the floor to all those countries who are gathered here, three countries said they couldn't agree. those three countries, iran, syria and north korea. the president of the meeting isas an australian ambassador, took them all away for other talks, said, are you really sure you want to block this treat jy? they met again, reconvened and again those three countries blocked this arms trade treaty. that's not the end of the story. let's pick it up. first, where we are right now, what's your reaction after all the work you've done over the last 10 days and many years as well for the facts that been blocked? >> it's outrageous that these three countries have held up the talks and proceedings and stalled in this way. we're disgusted that the three countries, because they're all right isolated in the international community, and syria, should be the ones to ve
.s. targets. >>> north korea, iran and syria have blocked a u.n. treaty intended to regulate the global arms trade. >>> and an nhk investigation into went went wrong at fukushima daiichi shows they could have avoided one of the melt downs if they had known the inner workings better. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." the u.s. secretary of defense says north korea's provocative actions and belligerent tone have ratcheted up the danger on the korean peninsula. chuck hagel said leaders in pyongyang used heated rhetoric for years, but he said people have to understand there's a new reality. >> we will unequivocally defend and we are unequivocally committed to that alliance with south korea as well as our other allies in that region of the world. and we will be prepared. we have to be prepared to deal with any eventuality there. >> hagel said there are a lot of unknowns, but he said u.s. officials have to take every provocative word and action seriously. maidle made the comments hours after u.s. commanders dispatched b-2 stealth bombers in joint exercises with the south korean military. pentago
. in a city or two u.n. security council resolutions, fully cooperate with iaea inspect various and nuclear site. if a deal cannot be reached or arranged expect more sanctions and covert action. it remains an option to deter iran from building nuclear weapons. indeed, the task force concluded, and i quote, the obama had in frustration must assure the threat remains credible as it may be the only course that deters a rant from to build nuclear weapons. even as we try to solve the nuclear question, we must do what they can to alleviate the impact on iranians. we remain opec and treasury designate one third country iranian banks that could combat transactions solely on trade and food medicine and facilitate other humanitarian goals. in october last year, treasury to permit such a trade, but there's no financing mechanism to occur. this would not only build in the long-term goodwill of the ukrainian people, but make it hard for the reigning government to blame the united states for the pain of their own inability along with sanctions for cosby such steps would make it easier for allies to conti
, they're happy in fact to get that. and as you noted, the u.n. continues to put on pressure. and a second destroyer with a guided missile capability will join the u.s.s. john mccain in the region. in the words of the spokesman, they are poised to respond to missile threats against allies and the united states and having shown the flag across the skies of south korea, the f-22 stealth fighters are now heading back to their home base back in japan, a u.s. base there. this, as we're hearing no new utteranc utterances. and the top officials in foreign ministry bet with the u.n. ambassador in beijing and in the words of china, they're hoping that everything will remain calm and that everyone will exercise restraint, back to you. >> megyn: greg, thank you. remember, the north makes no secret who it is targeting. now, that was the images of american soldiers and south koreans being used for target practice by the north. and shooting the targets over and over again, trying to send a message, obviously. this video is just one of the recent examples of the north's propaganda machine a
as well as l u b n a to please come on up and receive and just again, thank you very much for your work in the film festival and l u b n a for the wonderful leader ship that you have and devise that you are giving to he to run a vibrant culture center and i hopey that you are able to get a larger cultural center is because the population is going and i hopey that we are able to get you a larger cultural center and get you the resources that you need to run the cultural and art programs and so on behalf of the city l u b n a and jeff this is our arab heritage month celebration proclimation. (applause). and go giants: enjoy everybody.. >> thank you mr. mayor. (applause). . >> yeah, mayorly thank you very much for the letting us use your house here tonight and letting -- we really appreciate it we know that you ran from the game to get here and so we really appreciate your commitment to our community and we are happy that you are here to celebrate this momentous day with us. we have an awesome community here, we are here to celebrate the awesomeness of our community the dedication of
they contribute billions of dollars as well as their own? >> the u.n. organization, you have copious has a very act good, ongoing activity and that cannot detract teen in participating. >> there's not just one organization that is aimed specifically or when was the last meeting of groups of people who represent countries that might want to get involved and have an overall plan? >> congressman rohrabacher, there was a meeting in vienna mid february this year under the auspices on peaceful uses of outer space. it has agreed stand up in an international asteroid warning network to stand up as well an international body that we deal with the mitigation question. there is already underway something called the asteroid impact of deflection assessment, which is a joint effort of the by the european space mgc and nasa. i should add the network we are to have his international in character. it was a spanish observer who first discovered the asteroid detonated near miss. the minor planet center, which is funded by nasa and hosted by the harvard smithsonian observatory is under the overall auspices of the
at the u.s. centers for december control and prevex started work on a vaccine by analyzing genes of the h7n9 virus. they're trying to figure out how contagious it is, but they said the situation is still evolving. >>> merchants saw chicken and duck meat drop in sales. >> our sales are less than half the usual level. >> translator: i'm worried because we don't know the -- i'm avoiding eating chicken. >> translator: i make my children wash hands carefully and i check the news ef day. >> shank high city officials are trying to stop the virus from spreading further. they've set up an emergency task force to strengthen monitoring activities. >>> bank of japan policymakers started their first meeting under the new governor. they're trying to work out a mechanism for achieving a 2% inflation target. they want to achieve the price target in about two years after shin doe abe called for an end to the long inflation. the policymakers are discussing further mon take easing measures for buying government bonds. the government currently buys state bond that mature in three years or less. policymakers wi
have responded? so okay. next speaker please. >> k u.n. takas and john lazar good afternoon. good afternoon sir and thank you -- for letting us express ourselves i just want to add the same thing i'm supporting my colleague here i'm a cab driver with yellow and actually a left turn for taxis should be allowed since it is you know we don't need to make people run away from taxis anymore. >> thank you, sir. next speaker please. >> mr. kantakas followed by john lazar and -- >> hi ladies and gentlemen. nice to be here. i have been here 29 years never take a vacation never been to my country. i drive a -- [inaudible] so i saw my friend in 2012 he said to me going to mta you pickup -- i meet them i said to him sir i never put my name on the list i never signed up anything could i apply for the senior permit he said yes you qualify. sure? yes you qualify. if you put your name on the list you qualify. so i said to him sir, i come back september 28 from greece so the first appointment happened 2012 and they said to me when i come back they said to me just a minute -- what happened h
comprehensive in the coming days. >> thank you look forward to seeing it. >> bill mo u.n. dsey. >> good afternoon directors taxi drivers. the train has left. it's brakes have failed. it's going at fullest speed and will crash somewhere. nobody can stop it. she is a liar. she has constantly abuses her power. she continues to give misstatement at each level she's working on a contingent contingency basis not reality. what's going to happen near by? you are not listening to drivers. very soon a strike is coming. the whole city will be blocked. applause. this city will be blocked they are so angry they are telling me. nobody will be able to enter the city please listen to the drivers do not be dumbing anybody it's a serious issue. you are scared. you are talking little bit little bit no. you need an intelligent smart guy more smart than hube r give me the power i'll show you how to stop huber if you don't know i'll show you how to stop the illegal limosines i will show you how to stop it but you don't have the brains here. it's not a joke it's serious. i have a plan and we wi
if they violate u.n. arms embark goes or promote acts of the men no side, crimes against humanity or war crimes. the treaty requires member states to submit arms trade records to the united nations every year. >> translator: what's significant here is they recognize the need to be transparent and accountable in regulating international trade and arms. those weapons are related to a lot of crimes in many countries. >> it's estimated conventional weapons kill half a million civilians every year. the treaty will take effect after 50 countries ratify it. a lot will depend on which nations ratify it. >>> chinese health authorities have announced that four more people have been infected with a new strain of the avian flu virus. this races the total of known cases to seven. health officials say that the four are from an area near shanghai. they complained of flu and coughing in mid march. tests confirm they contracted the h 7 n 9 virus strain. all are in critical condition and receiving emergency treatment. one woman is described as a poultry butcher. no cases of the virus have been reported among tho
as much weaponry -- the u.n. buys and sells almost as much weaponry. >> we will speak with andrew feinstein, author of, "the shadow world: inside the global arms trade." all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the proposed global arms treaty is stalled in talks at the united nations. but on thursday, iran, syria, north korea blocked adoption of the first international citing failure to ban weapons to armed rebel groups. despite the three countries' objections, the treaty is expected to come up for a vote in the general assembly next week. the talks mark the latest effort to craft a global standard for regulating the arms trade after the obama administration block an agreement last summer. we will have more on this story after the headlines. tensions are continuing to mount between the u.s. and north korea. the north korean regime says it has ordered its rocket units on standby for an attack on regional u.s. military bases after the u.s. flew stealth bombers capable of deploying nuclear weapons over sout
from the unitees nations. 'back in at the late '8s, the wise people at the u.n. decided it would be kind of useful to have some simple numerical infection that gave you one score, say you were interested in invest your money in different parts of the world. it would help to give you one number which tells you how well the different governments in the world are doing creating situations to help citizens realize their potential. so the u.n. has a human development index. so they wanted a number for each country. the economyis are smart guys, and this -- you can't measure. the only thing you can do is narrow it down. and they said what we need to do is narrow down human development to the smallest possible number of traits that cover more or less what the u.n. means talking about human development in this case the index, three traits were more or less covered. and it's not perfect but it is a snapshot. the traits they came up with, if they measure life expectancy at birth. levels education. and real wages. lifetime earnings. and these three trait -- this doesn't cover everything we
for the united states, the u.s. joining with the majority of the u.n. to approve a trade treaty. critics say it lets the u.n. govern our lives. the u.n. was against the treaty -- the u.s. was against the treaty until president obama took office. >> brew on this question of the day. don't call them illegal immigrants. the associated press is now dropping that term from its style book and no longer allowing its reporters to use it in their work. the a.p. senior vice president says the term illegal can only be used to describe an action and not a person. many immigration activists have been asking journalists to lose the word saying illegal immigrants actually dehumanizes people. but even homeland security secretary janet napolitano uses it. take a look what she said last week when asked by reporters what term to use. >> i don't get caught up in the vocabulary wars. they are immigrants who are here illegally. that is an illegal immigrant. they are immigrants who are here without documents, that is an undocumented immigrant. >> we want to know do you think the term "illegal immigrant" is fair to
your favorite conspiracy theory is, and on facebook sandra fournier wrote the u.n. is coming to take your guns. come on, sandra, that is a crazy fringe conspiracy perpetuated by only a few disturbed gun nuts and most of the republican party leadership and they've only been doing it because of chemical trails after our government staged 9/11. if you have any comments tweet us at booth ctv or john fugelsang or use a "viewpoint" on facebook. if you're one of those people who looks around and thinks boy everyone in this country is crazy, you may be right. 28% of americans believe there is a secretive power conspiring to world the world. one in four people buy into the new world order conspiracy. not crazy enough for you? how about this one. according to the same poll, 13% of voters believe that problem is the antichrist. not that he might be, but he is. a belief also held by 5% of those who actually voted for him. sure others countries beat us in education, healthcare and income equality but when it comes to conspiracy theory we're number one. i am joined by a fun panel writer and comedi
will enthusiastically vote for her if she's elizabeth warren's running mate. switching gears here, the u.n. approved a treaty that would regulate armed sales to tyrranical regimes. iran north korea and syria voted against it. the nra loves it. the treatly will be killed in the senate where anti-gun senators are echoing the false claims that this will affect gun owners in the u.s. that's a lie. get used to it. are the senators really willing to put the will of gun lobbyists over our national security again? east lane? >> two things to say. one is i think it is time to build a very large wooden basketball player on wheels and present it to kim jong-un. that's number one. >> john: apparently dennis rodman is a chamberlain. >> i think he thought he was meeting obama. number two to the nra, if this is my camera. we're getting tired of prying your guns out of your cold, dead hands. >> john: tina? >> the u.n. just feeds into a conspiracy theory that, spoiler alert, the jews are behind it. by one world government trying to take your guns. and so this really -- like this is a dog whistle to gun nuts. and so
to be an eyewitness to every senator's vote on the ratification on the u.n. convention on the rights of people with disabilities. senate ratification of this thing probably should have been a slam-dunk. it was expected to be when they started getting atrointd in the first place. the treaty was modelled after our own americans with disability act. it was to take that advance we pioneered in this country in our own law and hold it up as an aspirational model for the rest of the world. since we already have the american with disabilities act in this country, this would be a feel good thing for us that would make a real difference around the world in terms of people with disabilities being treated with dignity. this was kind of a slam-dunk, you'd think. then the current crop of republicans occupying bob dole's old place in the senate decided this actually was a communist conspiracy to destroy parenting. they said it was a pandora's box, a un takeover of the basic unit of the family, a conspiracy for one world government! and lo and behold senate republicans junked the treaty. so the world endorses
the honorable mary robinson former president of the republic of ireland and a former u.n. high commissioner for human rights to the cooper union. president -- career has been devoted to the pursuit of fairness in society. as an activist lawyer she defended the causes of women and as a member of every senate promoted the rest of the legislation including the legalization of contraception. president robinson has been the honorary president of oxfam and is a member of of the group of 11 independent world leaders together by nelson mandela to offer their collective influence and experience to support teambuilding. and to help address major causes of the suffering and promote the shared interests of humanity. in 2009, president obama awarded her the presidential medal of freedom calling her quote and advocate for the hungry, the hunted and the forgotten and ignored. mary robinson has not only shone a light on human suffering but eliminated a better future for our world. this book "everybody matters" my life giving voice really sets out some of the work of our speaker tonight and i will allow her
or in conjunction with other nations or should we wait for u.n. resolutions to that effect? >> well, we don't need a u.n. resolution, i don't think. but we do need other nations to be with us, including arab nations. the arab nations did have a meeting recently and it was the opposition that was seated there, not syria. so that we know there is a lot of support inside the arab world to take on assad. and so we would have the support of many, many other countries even if we couldn't get anything through the u.n. because of russia. >> rose: so in other words, russia has a veto in the security council. so even though you couldn't get something through the security council because of a veto by russia or china, you would considering argue that you don't need the united nations or a united nations resolution, what you need is action to take out a syrian anti-aircraft embankments and other kinds of military hardware there could impede their shooting down american or nato or other airplanes. >> well, you don't need the u.n. here providing you have the arab world and a lot of nato countries supporting turk
. the missing miners were working for a state-owned gold company. the u.n. security council called for a force to carry out democratic offenses in z-- they voted in favor of the congolese brigade. nelson mandela spends his second full day in hospital for a recurring lung infections. south africans follow it with baited breath. jacob zuma says mr. mandela is in good spirits and is making progress. our report from johanessburg. >> no sense of alarm here. but nelson mandela's health is on many minds in south africa. the man seen as the father of the nation will send the weekend in hospital. >> i hope god will give him strength and courage to be an icon for the country. >> the 94 year old liberation hero was taken to hospital wednesday night with another lung infection, but the latest news is encouraging. >> former president mandela is in good spirits and enjoyed a full breakfast. progressing stadeady and remains under observation. >> the authorities have not concerned which hospital he is staying at. >> nelson mandela may be frail these days but he was reported to be sitting up in bed, with a ful
the hon. harry robinson, former president of the republic of ireland and former u.n. high commissioner for human rights. president robinson's entire career has been devoted to the pursuit of fairness in all aspects of society. as an activist lawyer he defended the causes of women who had been marginalized and as a member of the irish senate, progressive legislation including the legalization of contraception. president robinson was the honorary president, a member of the elders, a group of 11 independent world leaders brought together by nelson mandela to offer their collective influence and experience to support peace building. to help address major causes of human suffering and promote the shared interests of humanity. in 2009 president obama awarded her the presidential medal of freedom, calling her, quote, and advocate for the hungry and the hunted, the forgotten and the ignored. mary robinson has not only shown a light on human suffering but eliminated a better future for our world. this book "everybody matters: my life giving voice" really sets out some of the work of our speaker
. >> it is regime security. this is to bolster the new leader. it comes from the nuclear tests and the u.n. sanctions. >> north korea is known for being unpredictable. seoul is ready for the worst. >> a gunman has gone on a rampage in a pakistani school as the principal was killed and six children wounded. more from karachi. >> wounded school children taking to hospital. after they should have been celebrating -- celebrating a prize ceremony, -- >> two men came in on a motorbike. >> a man ran in firing and we were all engrossed in the magic show but as soon as the firing started there was a stampede. >> panicked relatives crowded around the primary school in a low-income neighborhood. >> as a result -- the school principal has died. >> the principle is reported to be a local member of the national party that represents ethnic groups from the northwest. political violence is common but this was light -- shockingly out of the ordinary. >> more than 50 people were killed across nigeria this week in fighting between christians and muslims. 46 others were killed there on wednesday. >> they say
's nuclear program, the brookings institution hosted a talk ahead of meetings between iran and the u.n.'s p-5 plus one group meeting this week in kazakhstan. among the speakers, president obama as coordinator for wmds. this is about app hour and a half. >> well thank you very much for inviting me to participate in the debate. i was in charge of the negotiation for a long period of time, and in 2009 from 2003 when i was the first -- the first visit to teheran, we said the plan at the time, the plan of the european union so from 2010 to today, i have been less in charge, but i follow closely, and i'm on the lines of communication. i don't have any responsibility from thereon. let me start a little reminder how these started because i think it's very important to have perspective of how the whole process has gone. what, to my mind, has been the most important moment in which iran may have taken place? why was it happen? the last moment i will say how i see the next step to my mind could be taken in order to approach the change, and with all the difficulties, all the difficult -- many difficultie
: on this than hunt at the u.n. thanks. law enforcement now hunting two members be on the look out for two men considered armed and dangerous. killing of tom clements. someone shot clements when he opened the front door of his house last month. blamed it on a former white supremacist on a guy who died shootout. that guy evan ebil had ties to the two white supremacist police now are trying to track down. alicia acuna with the news live in denver. what more do we know about these two guys. >> one may have been ready to turn himself in. something changed. thomas goalie's mother tells "the denver post" she wants her son to turn herself. in she says more than a week ago he planned to surrender on a parole violation but then disappeared. he is with james lore, another member of the 2-11 prison gang. the sheriff sent out this warning. >> corrections. requesting all law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for the following parties. both of them are associated the 2-11 shown violent should be considered armed and dangerous. >> authorities are also looking in texas and nevada. john? >> jon: alicia
as the unfair threats of the west, the u.n. sanctions, the u. s military presence. i am not sure if they're looking a negotiated outcome. it is to prove kim jong un's capability. and second to send a message of a very powerful deterrent to the united states. and then down the road there might be the possibility of negotiating with north korea and north korea feels it can negotiate from a position of strength. >> are you surprised by the stridency of the language that you are hearing from p'yongyang with reference to the u.s. at the moment? >> we have seen a lot of bellicose language come from north korea but we have never seen anything quite at this level. we never heard the north koreans say explicitly that they will target american cities with nuclear weapons. the type of language is familiar but the little -- level of rhetoric and specificity of their threats is something we have not seen before. >> the tone of what you were saying, you seem to be suggesting that we should take a deep breath and as californians were suggesting, not be that concern. >> we should be concerned because th
attention to a different proposal. it calls for arming trained personnel in every public u.s. school. the n.r.a. turned a former republican congressman asa hutchinson to chair what it calls the national school shield task force. he laid out the center piece of its 225-page study in washington. >> if you are interested in making our scols fer and to save children's lives, look at these recommendations seriously, and this... the presence of an armed security in schools is a layer that is just as important as the mental health component. >> woodruff: aimed at reducing vietent crimes on school grounds it is the latest push in the gun-control debate. it includes proposals for revised state laws to allow trained personnel to carry firearms on school grounds, training for designated school personnel to handle active shooting incidents, and mental health pilot programs to reduce bullying and identify potential threats. this review comes as congress continues to pursue gun-control legislation. the republican-led house has not yet taken up bills in the almost two months since president obama made thi
. >> more than two weeks later, a team of scientists and weapons inspectors that u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon has appointed to probe whether chemical weapons were indeed used can expect when eventually touches down in syria to face major forensic challenges. they will be working in and soil samples will come from an active war zone meaning the site can be hopelessly compromised for sampling and individuals ablegd corpses. autopsy and hardly ashore. >> only going to be successful if the assad regime cooperates with efforts to investigate. >> the syrian rebels too could -- the best hope for smoking gun would would be if remnants could still be found missiles some reported seeing. category of traces of any chemicals or warfare agents loaded on to it. >> this may be accidental in that lots of bombs were falling in this area and it could have been an industrial site where bomb damage was either direct or incorrect. sufficient to release industrial chemical. >> use of chemical weapons in syria as a red line if crossed would trigger the kind of military involvement in the conflict the u.s. h
, it hasn't come, it's never going to come. the fact of the matter is in 1947 when the u.n. proposed a partition, israel accepted, the arabs rejected it, the first of several wars started, all of them won by israel. every reasonable arab leader today, every one, would gladly accept the '47 partition plan which they rejected. >> rose: of course they would. >> of course! but it's no longer on the table. and there is no evidence to suggest that the choices are going to get better in the future so they should sit down now and take the best deal they can and get a state. yes, i do believe the majority still support in polls the two-state solution. >> rose: so why do you object to them coming to the u.n. and asking to be recognized as a state? >> only because it will reduce the likelihood of their becoming a state. >> rose: why? >> because they can't get a state without israeli agreement. and it has the opposite effect on the israelis. >> rose: no matter what the u.n. said the israelis are not going to recognize -- >> absolutely. they're going do it only through notion. so agreement means,
now where our own andrea mitchell is interviewing u.n. ambassador susan rice on stage. the topic right now, north korea. >> and to do what it would take to insure north korea's security. insure its potential economic development and that's uphold its international obligations and come into compliance with u.n. sanctions. now obviously thus far he seems to be pushing the enervelope. but for the united states' point of view, our interest is reminding him and those around him of the benefits of an alternative peaceful course, insuring that from our point of view, the united states and our allies are fully capable of defending ourselves, should there be a need to do so. and not, getting too jumpy when he wakes up in the morning and issues yet another provocative statement. >> but here you have a forward-deployed army, only miles from our south korean and american forces. and you've got him talking about using tactical nukes. when does rhetoric edge into an area where because we have so little intelligence on his intentions, we have a real military threat on our hands? >> well under the mos
. and this picture from north korea's state-run media, kim gung u.n. seated with a war plan and words that say strategic forces plan to hit the u.s. and there there was a new propaganda video showing north korea hitting a bomber. that after the u.s. flew the bomber over the area to show force. they say the north may be preparing for another missal test. >>> and good news for people with type 2 diabetes. the food and drug administration has approved a first in a new class of drugs to help the condition. they use the method to lower blood sugar in adults by flushing it out in the patient's urine. the medication prevents the kidneys from reabsorbing sugar. >>> and new at 11:00, a highway rescue unlike any you might imagine. in central oregon last weekend, a flat bed truck rolled on its side with an over sized load of bee hives. an estimated half a billion honey bees were spread out on highway 97. most of them were still in one of the 200 boxes housing colonies. local bee keepers responded to help with the rescue. it took about 12 hours to clean up all of the bees. each hive had to be checked to m
a violation of the u.n. security council resolutions. japan needs to treat this issue as a matter of utmost concern. >> suga added japan will work on this issue with the u.s. and south korea, as well as china and russia. china is north korea's closest ally. but government officials there aren't happy about the decision to fire up the reactor. >> translator: north korea's announcement is deplorable and we are on alert. we believe in dialogue and negotiation in order to deal with the situation. sanctions would not solve the problem fundamentally. >> he says the situation on the korean peninsula is complicated and sensitive. he's urging relevant parties to keep calm and exercise restraint. nhk world is tracking this story for us. he says authorities in pyongyang are trying to gain more bargaining power. >> reporter: restarting the reactor can be seen as another threat aimed at the united states and neighboring countries. kim jong-un's father, the late kim jong-il, has long wanted north korea to become a full-fledged nuclear power. he believed it would help strengthen his country's negotiating
'yongyang, it is passed little surprise. north korea voted against the u.n.'s first ever treaty restricting conventional arms sales. they join syria and iran as the only three countries in the world to vote against the new controls. enforced? be our correspondent has sent us this report. >> the resolution is adopted. came, it wasote overwhelming. the first comprehensive treaty seeking to establish rules for the international arms trade which was carried by a significant majority. it reflected years of painstaking work by government and activist. the treaty supporters hailed it as a major success. >> we have produced a strong text that will fulfil the mandate given to us by the general assembly. we believe that an effective implementation of this treaty will make a real difference for the people of the world. >> it is perhaps surprising that over the years that has been numerous treaties seeking to reduce nuclear arsenals or attempting to limit the spread of nuclear technology. until now, there has been no internationally recognized treaty governing the sale and transfer of conventional weapons. the scop
. >>> another photo released reportedly shows kim junk u.n. signing an attack order. on the right side an apple imac. clearly he doesn't hate all things american. >>> other stories overseas, the health of a former south african president, talking about nelson mandela, 94-year-old mandela is at an undisclosed hospital for recurring lung infection said to be conscious and responding positively to the treatment. this is mandela's third hospital stay since last december. south africa's current president is asking for his nation's prayers. >>> i a u.s. army stretch ran is under arrest for fighting along side a militant group. eric harroun bragged about downing a helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade. he served in the u.s. army and discharged after an accident. he was arrested when he returned to the u.s. and charged with using a weapon of mass destruction. >>> in connecticut they're releasing a chilling list of a young gunman that went on a deadly rampage at sandy hook. this comes on a national day of protest and jim avila has more. >> reporter: these brutal facts were sealed by the court. gunm
. >> please tell us your name. >> n u.n. brm i'm recently joined the taxi cab in san francisco you guys know how long it's going to take to be a driver in san francisco it takes 4 months to get the id to get the badge to get everything to go to the streets but it's a tough job what i see there's lots of cabs without any permit lots of cars without any permit nobody knows if they are registered or not what they are doing with the city. if you have a good car you can take a must tang you can do the business i feel like why i spend my full month almost like 3 hundred dollars and every day 115 dollars to the cab company. i want i respect the united states and i respect the law i want to go with the law but what i see a lot of people going against the law and not following the things. each and every rule helps for the drivers the taxi cab drivers we work with the people we help the people to get the grocery to get appointment to get to the doctor appointment but there's no one there there's no limo must tang for them when people are drunk we take them home. everything happens they can complain
peacekeepers a mandate to fight rebels in the democratic republic of congo. >> it is the first time the u.n. has ever given peacekeepers the authority to mount attacks. almost 3000 soldiers will target armed rebel groups in eastern congo, which has been plagued by conflict for almost two decades. the secretary general welcomed the move. >> the united nations proposal to regulate the global trade and arms is on ice after north korea, syria, and iran oppose it. the countries say the treaty is flawed because it does not stop the transfer of weapons to rebels. >> the deal has also been meeting resistance from republicans in u.s. congress, who feel its provisions to regulate small and light arms and undermine the second amendment. if passed, and to be the first legally binding international treaty regulating the sales of conventional weapons -- if passed, it would be the first legally binding international treaty regulating the sales of conventional weapons. >> despite hopes of a breakthrough, this time, north korea, italy, and syria clearly felt they had too much to lose. they complained that t
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